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Having access to top professional networks

The students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program will have the unique opportunity to have access to a global network of professional experts.

As a future graduate of emlyon business school, you will hold lifelong membership of emlyon business school forever alumni network, a network of 29,000 alumni covering more than 118 countries. You will benefit from privileged services, including online assessment modules, career coaching sessions, invitations to conferences, networking sessions etc... Its members will help you further develop your career regardless of which stage you are at, by providing you with career development information, exchange business information with you and share their experience for you to build on. Furthermore, with alumni associations in more than 15 countries and 500 000 alumni, Zhejiang University is also a valuable resource for students of the program. 

The alumni community gives advice to the future students of the program

Because of the international nature of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, you will also have access to the nearly 400 alumni from the program. This important network provides expertise and advice when it comes to developing business ideas, create start-ups or work on market entry plans. 

Hear some of our program alumni advice!

“First off, start your company during the Global Entrepreneurship Program. You are only doing a 1 year master after all. Secondly your classmates are the best people to talk about business ideas: talk to them about every crazy idea you’ve ever had. Finally stay in touch with them – our reunions are amazing and truly inspirational.” Lea V., Program graduate from Germany and Co-founder of Ava, a digital women’s health start-up company.

“Surround yourself with the right people and then whatever the idea or innovation you have decided to proceed with, validation should be at the heart of what you’re doing. Don’t stand in doors and write a business-plan. Instead, get out of the building, talk to your customers because they will tell you what to build. That was by far the best thing we’ve ever done at Enter the club.” Nezar K., Program graduate from Bahrain and Founder of Eat, a real-time reservations network for restaurants

“Be open, active and appreciate criticism. The Global Entrepreneurship Program is a great platform for future entrepreneurs and it can open a lot of doors to you. But you have to be dedicated, know what you want, and work hard to get it. And after all, the year is full of fun; so take your time for that, too!” Clara B., Program graduate from France and founder of BeeShary, an online platform which connects curious travellers to local people who want to share their culture and tradition.

“Enjoy and embrace it because it’s a lot of learning from many different perspectives.” Sylvain B., Program Graduate from France and Managing Director EMEA at Human Care Systems

"Share the information from the very beginning and soak in the knowledge from others. Try to understand each other better, try to see who is interested in what and learn from each other. In our class we had 22 nationalities and it's amazing how in group projects you can learn so many things just being together. Also, use the Global Entrepreneurship Program like a business card and build around it: see the people you want to meet, go to events etc..." Tomas P., Program Graduate from Lithuania and Head of Growth at Lalalab

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